Couchdrop meets CloudShark

Couchdrop meets CloudShark

CloudShark is a web-based packet analyzer that provides you the ability to upload packet captures from anywhere for further analysis. We at Couchdrop would say it is a cloud-based packet capture analysis tool on steroids!

Once uploaded packet captures can be worked on collaboratively, used to build graphing of your network or be analyzed for Malware using CloudShark’s threat assessment feature which improves response time and time investigating the root cause of anything that could arise.

Couchdrop has made the above easier as we have a one-liner syntax that gets your packet captures from host to cloud in no time, allowing for a quick turnover on getting your pcap to analysis. Simply integrate with CloudShark in My Couchdrop then SCP your packet captures using the below one-liner syntax:

scp capture.pcap

By the time you have gone back to Cloudshark, you will find your newly uploaded packet capture sitting there waiting for you.

CloudShark has a great write up on what we can offer and how we can be implemented together to make your life easier and how you can get things done faster through our support. See how Couchdrop and Cloudshark can help you here