Cloud Migrations with MoveBot

Cloud Migrations can be complex, take time and require a lot of manual intervention to ensure that files get to where they are supposed to go. This doesn’t matter if it is an AWS S3 to Azure Blob migration, or Google Drive to OneDrive, Dropbox to Google Drive and so on.

Couchdrop already integrates well with all of your current storage providers – making this a no-brainer. Couchdrop now offers MoveBot which lets you sit back, relax and leave the heavy lifting to us.

To put it simply, you log in to MoveBot, specify the source and destination cloud storage providers and press Start. You can then leave, move onto other important tasks and come back, later on, to see that the migration has been successful without you needing to sit there and lose time waiting.

First make sure you have an account with MoveBot or Couchdrop, once you do navigate to your MoveBot dashboard

This new tool is in BETA and will be improved rapidly over the next month, therefore the team at Couchdrop would love to hear how you find the tool and how we can improve it to better cater to your needs.

Cloud Migration tool, Google Drive migration to Dropbox
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