How to configure Veeam with cloud storage

From a cloud storage perspective, Veeam supports Amazon S3 by default, which means if you have other cloud storage such as Backblaze, OneDrive, etc. this isn’t supported.

Using Couchdrop’s SMB/NFS cloud gateway, you can integrate and backup Veeam to any cloud storage, stopping you from having AWS S3 as your only option.

Configure Couchdrop’s SMB/NFS Cloud Gateway

  • Head to and register an account
  • Once you have an account registered, configure your desired storage endpoint, see below for some common providers, we support many more;
  • Then, navigate to to your Gateway configuration, depending what you set your mount point in step 2, by default it is ‘/’ (root), you will need to configure it again here, as well as your source IP address(es).
    • On pressing Save Settings the gateway will take a couple of minutes to setup and it will display the URL on success
Configuring SMB/NFS cloud gateway with Couchdrop
As you can see above, tick SMB, specify your desired cloud storage directory, specify your allowed IPs and press “Save Settings”

Take note of the URL at the top i.e. \\IP\couchdrop – you will need this as your SMB/CFIS location in Veeam.

Configure Veeam

Open Veeam and begin to configure another backup Repository, select Network Attached Storage as your option

backing up Veeam to cloud storage

Select Shared Folder

configuring Veeam cloud backups

Provide a name and description that makes sense to you

configuring Veeam backups

In the below, paste the previous URL from your Couchdrop SMB/NFS cloud gateway and add your Couchdrop user credentials.

Note: If you would like to restrict your access for this system, you could create an additional user within Couchdrop with “write-only” access and log in with that user.

Select Next and it will authenticate successfully with Couchdrop

configuring Veeam for Backblaze, Wasabi, Azure

Carry on going through the wizard and select the options that fit your needs

backing up Veeam to cloud storage
Veeam backup repository wizard
backing up Veeam to cloud storage
backing up Veeam to cloud storage

Your Veeam is now configured and ready to go with your desired cloud endpoint.

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