Mounting S3, Azure or Backblaze storage to Windows Explorer

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Mounting S3 or Azure Blob Storage to your companies infrastructure as if it is a shared network drive is another way to remove the total cost of ownership and other pesky infrastructure overheads. It enables scalability, redundancy and all of your favorite cloud features, the only difference, it’s as easily accessible as OneDrive, Google Drive or standard network drives.

Using Couchdrop’s SMB/NFS Gateway, you can have your desired cloud storage mounted to your Windows File Explorer and start using it in less than 5 minutes.

Configure your Cloud Storage

  1. Find our list of supported Cloud Storage here
  2. Locate your desired cloud storage walkthrough here
  3. Take note of your Mount Path when configuring your storage, by default, it is “/” or root

Configure your SMB/NFS Gateway

  1. Navigate to your Gateway Configuration within your Couchdrop portal
  2. Tick Enable SMB/CIFS
  3. Specify your Mount Path from when you configured your Cloud Storage
  4. Specify your Allowed IPs who can access this Gateway using comma’s to separate multiple IPs
  5. Save Settings 
  6. Once your Gateway is ready, an IP will be provided at the top banner as seen belowmceclip0.png

Configure your Windows system

  1. Navigate to your Windows Explorer and Map Network Drive
  2. Specify your desired drive letter and then paste your Couchdrop SMB/NFS Gateway URL into Folder 
  3. On a successful connection, you will now have access to your cloud storage as if it is a shared network drive on Windowsmceclip7.png

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