Backing up Cisco Unified Communications Manager to Cloud using SFTP

Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to backup to the likes of OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS S3, Wasabi, etc. is a simple task that takes less than two minutes.

Configure your cloud storage endpoint.

  1. Register an account with Couchdrop
  2. Once registered with Couchdrop, navigate to Couchdrop Portal to set up your storage endpoint.
  3. Setup your cloud storage endpoint — see here for how to configure your desired provider, the example below is for Dropbox
Linking Dropbox for CUCM backups

For CUCM, disable Async uploads

disabling async uploads for CUCM backups
  • Save Settings

Set up your SFTP backup within CUCM.

  1. Log into the Disaster Recovery System of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and choose the Backup Device option from the Backup menu
  2. When the Backup Device List window appears, click the Add New button in order to add a new backup device
  3. When the window appears, enter this the below into window and assign a name for the backup device:
    • Server name –
    • Path name – path name for the directory where you want to store the backup file
    • Username – Your Couchdrop created user
    • Password – Your Couchdrop user’s password

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