Emailing Files to Cloud Storage

Often getting files shared or to a centralized storage location can be painful, require accounts and additional software, such as an SFTP client.

To improve this process and to help, Couchdrop supports the ability to email attachments directly to cloud storage folders. Enabling you to get files, where you need them without causing your customers or non-technical users headaches. Each user can email their files directly into a folder within your OneDrive, S3 bucket, Dropbox or other cloud storage endpoint.

Using emails to share files and easily receive files has the following benefits;

  • No software or additional infrastructure required
  • Ease of use for non-technical audiences or end users
  • Email application is always open, so to attach and send a file is very little overhead
  • Secure file transfer, email transfer protocols are built on secure frameworks ensuring that files transmitted fall in this framework
  • Files stored directly on cloud storage that then has redundancy and scalable support

See below how to email files into the likes of Dropbox, OneDrive, Azure, Google Drive

  • Navigate to your Couchdrop Portal and log in
  • Ensure you are at your Virtual File Storage dashboard and navigate to your desired folder to receive the files
  • Open the menu using the three dots and click on Properties
Couchdrop Virtual FIle System
  • Within your folders properties, scroll down to Email Upload and tick the Checkbox beside Enabled
  • Now copy the generated email address, we recommend creating an email alias for this to be friendlier for end users
Enabling the ability to email to cloud storage

You have now enabled the ability to email to cloud storage, from here email files as attachments directly to that email address and the files will appear.

If you require assistance or have any questions, please email – the team are more than happy to help.