Cloud Storage – Saving money quick wins during tough times

With tough economic times ahead. There are some quick wins for organizations to save money on Cloud Storage. Often the benefits of doing these quick wins are almost instantaneous and seen in the following month’s financials.

Presently a lot of data is being stored in the likes of Amazon S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud which is expensive, looking at around 0.023 cents a GB, compared to some other options, 0.0059 cents with Wasabi Cloud Storage or 0.005 cents through Backblaze B2.

For example, a company with 100TB of data would be looking at $1,848.32 (51,200GB at 0.0184 per GB + 51,200GB at 0.0177 per GB) a month through Microsoft Azure. Whereas a company using Backblaze B2 would be looking at $512.00 a month.

If you wish to easily migrate your data and start saving, Movebot can help you migrate your data. At 0.04 cents a GB, you can move your data for $4096.00, in doing this you will repay your cost of MoveBot in 3 months, where you will then start saving $1,300 a month via your new storage costs.

See below how to Migrate to:

Standard costs per GB are 0.08 cents. However, based on the current climate and to help people save sooner than later, MoveBot is offering a 50% code of movebot50 until May 31st to reduce the cost to 0.04 cents per GB.

MoveBot is your cloud migration solution that offers cloud to cloud and on-premise to cloud migration without installing agents, jumping through hoops or requiring your to download your data to then reupload it. Simply select the source and then the destination and click start.